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Don't Lose It!

Hair, skin and nails are among the first things that people notice when they see you for the first time. Equally important are your skin and nails since they tell a lot about you and your life. The condition, the dryness and texture reflect what is occurring in our bodies and is indicative of the overall health

According to The American Hair Loss Association, By the age of thirty-five two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss, and by the age of fifty approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.

Most common signs that you are suffering from hair-loss

  • More hair on your pillow

  • More hair in the drain

  • Sunburn or thinning spots

  • Hair Left Behind

  • Sunburn or thinning spots

  • Receding Hairline

Get To The Root Of The Issue

Genetics, diet, stress, and other factors affect your hair health. Hairtonic formula actually gives your body the foundational elements proven to grow hair. So forget the fake coverups and show off your real hair.

Forget About Prescriptions

Choosing the natural route means no ill side effects, no hassle with perscriptions - just long term benefits. Haritonic is uses highly-concentrated clinically studied botalical ingredients to give your body the underlying fortitude to keep your existing hair and form new follicles.

Make No Compromise

With so many options on the market it can be a challenge to choose the right one, with Hairtonic your can be confident in your choice. Snap Supplements with it’s stellar reputation, it’s bold money back gurantee, and the team of team of nutritional specailists that stand behind the product, are available to you every step of the way.


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Facts about thinning hair


The average scalp is covered with 100,000 hair follicles. Can you imagine?


No new hair follicles are formed after birth, and as you age follicles can stop producing new hair.


Most people lose 50–100 hairs a day, bigger amount is considered significant hair loss.


Male pattern baldness follows 2 predictable routes : a recent hairline and thinning at a crown.

Your future is HAIR

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4.8 / 5 stars

 •  60 reviews
I’ve never looked better after using Keto, I’m literally jumping for joy now!
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Hairtonic, your new hair loss cure?

Two recent dermatology studies** determined that in each of the 4 types of hair loss zinc was significantly lower than the control group. The researchers evaluated that therapeutic effects of oral zinc supplementation in 50mg over a period of 12 weeks resulted in positive and significant results for nearly 70% of the test subjects.

Read The Full Study
“…nutritional supplement significantly increased hair growth after 90 and 180 days.”
Just The Good Stuff

Vitamit A

This is a crucial fat-soluble vitamin which is important in treating and reducing symptoms of many types of hair and skin and vision-related diseases. Vitamin A has antioxidant properties that help stop free radicals from forming in the body and restoring hair health. The reduction of free radicals prevents the wilting of hair follicles and dryness of the scalp.

Vitamit C

With age, the production of free radicals increases and the number of antioxidative enzymes that defend the body decrease, leading to the damage of cellular structures and the aging of hair. Supplementing with vitamin C you add a powerful antioxidant, which fights oxidative stress that contributes to hair graying and hair loss.

Vitamit D-3

Hair follicles are very sensitive to hormones, and vitamin D is a hormone that plays an important role in calcium homeostasis, and new hair cell growth.

Vitamit E

It’s a long known fact that Vitamin E has the ability to improve your skin and hair health. Potent antioxidants called tocotrienols are found in vitamin E, and those tocotrienols contribute to a healthier scalp.


The purest 4X distilled MSM, is a sulfur-based compound that is found naturally in foods like onions garlic, and green vegetables. Sulfur, the main ingredient in MSM is one of the principal building blocks for hair and nails.


This essential amino acid plays a major role in the production of several hormones, enzymes, and antibodies in the body which reflects in hair growth. L-Lysine helps to prevent the formation of DHT in the body, which is extremely harmful because is a major cause of hair loss.


An amino acid that is a component of collagen production and important for connective tissues as well as


Zinc is a potent inhibitor of hair follicle regression that also accelerates hair follicle recovery. Studies suggest* that some alopecia areata (hair-loss) patients have zinc deficiency, and oral taking zinc serves as an effective treatment.

  • no drugs No Drugs
  • no prescriptions No Prescriptions
  • no hassle No Hassle
We take pride in our highly concentrated, clinically tested botanical ingredients because they strengthen your hair without prescriptions or adverse side effects.

The simple power of
Made from earth grown nutrients

  • Hairtonic


    Bamboo is rich in silica which helps your body to produce collagen which is the connective tissue in your skin giving it elasticity preventing wrinkles and age lines.

  • Hairtonic

    Organic Kelp

    A large vitamin-packed seaweed that has long been used in Asiatic countries as an ingredient for nutritious low-calorie diets. Kelp has on the the highest levels of iodine, a great source of iron, and contains laminaria angustata that works like a stem cell to grow new hair and thicken existing strands.

  • Hairtonic

    Collagen Hydrolysate (Bovine)

    Using high quality hydrolyzed bovine collagen to supplement your diet is an excellent way to add those ingredients that we normally avoid eating, like beef cartilage, or hides. The Native Americans were right to use every part of the animal because there are certain extremely nutrient-dense parts, which get discarded in our culture.

  • Hairtonic


    Biotin benefits your hair by rebuilding hair shingles that have been damaged from over-shampooing, exposure to the sun, blow-drying and ironing. Vitamin B5 supports the adrenal glands, which helps stimulate hair growth.

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